Desinfinator removes allergic problems at a hair dresser; Short Cut / Tapiola, Espoo

Desinfinator installed an Aero1000BM module this spring at Short Cut in Espoo in order to test how the product affects the allergic reactions the employees at this hair dresser have (a very common problem at most of the hair dressers as they use very strong chemicals daily in their job). After the module has been installed for 2 months the allergic reactions of the employees have decreased significantly or even disappeared totally. The employees also confirm the air is much easier to breathe and the usual irritating “cough” has disappeared as well.

The owner of the hair dresser, Mrs.Pirjo Randen, also confirms her own allergic problems have disappeared totally (she always had problems with her eyes because of the strong chemicals used in the salon and the pollen and dust from outdoor). Earlier she had to use eye drops daily but now she does not need any medicine against her allergic reactions anymore. Also the surfaces within the salon have stayed cleaner during the time the Aero1000BM module has been installed and working.