piplineDemo_enAir Cleaning Technology


Desinfinator Oy Ltd has created a patented highly efficient air cleaning technology that is based on a unique method of using nanotechnology and combining some of the most antiseptic air cleaning processes. To confirm the efficiency of our air disinfection and purification systems, we have published some of our laboratory tests under the Research section. The measurements have been executed in circumstances reflecting real life locations and other have been done in a pure laboratory environment.

Air disinfection – removal of air impurities


The ‘heart’ of our air disinfection products already won the prestigious 2006 “Productive Idea” award in Finland. By adding special diffusion filters coated by using the latest nanotechnology and adding other air cleaning processes we have taken our products to the next level, making them revolutionary within the field of air cleaning. One main element of our effective process is to control the airflows and the antiseptical surfaces within our processes. By using a special honey comb we create a laminar airflow and increase the efficiency of the UV-light significantly. Another important function of the UV-radiation is to activate the diffusion filters and start creating radicals. Additionally a huge amount of Ions are created into the air. Our air cleaning technology is capable of removing bacteria, mould, particles, yeast and odours with a rate of close to 100%.