New references

We are actively seeking suitable reference applications of our air cleaning technology.

If you have a suitable location and a possible problem for us to solve, please let us know and we will be more than happy to provide you with a special reference offer and a suitable solution.

 references_brandenburg  references_dinslaken  references_dresden references_hochwald
H2S Gas removal – Brandenburg Odour removal – Dinslaken Odour removal – Dresden Odour / Gas removal – Hochwald
 references_hunfeld references_hunxe  references_lubeck  references_robel
Odour / Gas removal – Hünsfeld Odour / Mould removal – Hünxe Odour removal – Lübeck Odour removal – Röbel
 references_verden  references_wittenberg  references_cinderella
Odour removal – Verden Odour removal – Wittenberg Grease removal – Viking Line Cinderella
references_stx  references_rccl  references_tapola_ALT references_kempinski_ALT
Air purification – STX Europe Air purification – RCCL  Mould removal – Tapola Oy, meat processing factory, Tampere Odour removal – kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
 references_battulamall references_unikulma references_yit references_varuboden
 Odour removal – IBN Battuta Mall, Dubai Sick leaves – Unikulma, Helsinki Odour removal _ YIT / Population Register Centre, bomb shelter, Helsinki Mould removal – Varuboden chain, Uusimaa
 references_forum references_porvoonvesi references_vikingline references_tampereenvesi
 Odour removal – Shopping centre Forum, Helsinki Odour removal – Hermanninsaari sewage plant and Kokonniemi waste water pumping station, Porvoo Grease removal – Viking Line Odour removal – sewage plant, Tampere Water
 references_pirkanmaajate references_colorline  references_laihian_mallas  references_vaestorekisteri
 Odour removal – Tarastenjärvi waste treatmet centre, Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy Grease removal – Color Line Cleaning of the indoor air – Laihian Mallas Oy Cleaning of the indoor air – Population Registre Centre
 references_craftech  references_shortcut  references_alhoniitty references_eglv
 Cleaning of the indoor air – A.K Crafteck Ltd  Odour removal – Short Cut / Tapiola, Espoo  Cleaning of the indoor air – Town of Nokia Odour removal – Sewage treatment plant in Dinslaken, Germany
 Odour removal – Stockholm Vatten Ltd, Sweden